Gesurft voor u: My Education in Home Schooling

29 juli 2012

Toen ik zei dat ik niet iedere uiting over thuisonderwijs zou doorlinken, had ik dit nog niet gelezen, gisteren in The Wall Street Journal.

‘I don’t know how most people spend their second morning home schooling. I spent mine hyperventilating into a paper bag.’

Een feest der herkenning voor thuisonderwijzende ouders en een inkijkje voor toeschouwers en nieuwsgierigen. Een paar quotes, de rest moet je verder lezen.

Deze natuurlijk:

‘Everyone is worried that I keep my child in a crate with three air holes punched in it and won’t let her have friends until she gets her AARP card. There’s a long answer, of course, but I’ll sum it up this way: Homo sapiens have walked the Earth for at least 130,000 years and, in this time, they learned to be human from their elders, not from their peers.

Mandatory education in the U.S. is less than 150 years old. Learning to be a productive adult human by spending a third of every day with other kids might be a good idea, but it’s too soon to tell. I’m still unsure that the people best equipped to teach a 14-year-old boy how to be a man are other 14-year-old boys.’

En een optimistische afsluiter, daar hou ik van:

Some lessons are best learned at a kitchen table, others in a lecture hall, a chemistry lab or a gym. It would be nice if students everywhere had access to every option.

With each passing year, the division between home schooling and institutional schooling will continue to dissolve. We will go to the education, and the education will come to us. The bad news is that it doesn’t work that way yet. The good news is that we get to build it.

Quinn Cummings, ‘My Education in Home Schooling, Teaching kids at home can be terrifying, but it’s sure to grow as families demand more choice.’  The Wall Street Journal, 28 juli 2012.

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